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First Name: Luke
Surname: Winter
Luke joined the Ancient Technology Centre in 2002, his background as a field archaeologist and experimental research archaeologist has helped him to take evidence from the ground and transform it into full size building reconstructions. Luke has particular interest in the Roman, Iron Age, Greek periods and ethnography but his passion will always be the Early Stone Age. His personal skills include bow making, flint-knapping and building design although he enjoys blacksmithing, pottery and carpentry amongst many other traditional skills.
First Name: Paola
Surname: Palma
Paola has specific research/enterprise interests monitoring the degradation and the preservation of the Underwater Cultural Heritage Management of the Underwater Cultural Heritage Global warming affecting the survival of underwater archaeology Outreach and making underwater archaeology accessible to all, which involves working closely with local museums and fuel public participation and ownership of the local heritage.
First Name: Sandra
Surname: Henry
Sandra is a Maritime Archaeologist and commercial diver, who has worked extensively in wetland and maritime environments. She has an M.A. in Maritime Archaeology from the University of Southern Denmark, Esbjerg. Her current position is with Orca Marine, University of the Highlands and Islands Archaeology Institute, Orkney. Previous roles includes working in the Centre for Maritime Archaeology, Ulster University and for the Underwater Archaeology Unit, National Monuments Service, DAHG.
First Name: Mark
Surname: Littlewood
Mark runs and teaches NAS Introduction and Part 1 Courses in Orkney as well as teaching and assisting in running Part III courses in GIS in Maritime Archaeology, Part III in Side Scan Sonar Surveys and Part III ROV in Archaeology. He provides support and assistance to the growing number of NAS avocational members in Orkney and their projects. After completing his BA in History with nautical Archaeology from the University of Wales, Bangor in 1995 and an MSc in Maritime Archaeology from the University of Southampton in 1996 Mark became a professional archaeologist in 1997. Mark is the Geomatics Officer within the Archaeology Institute, Orkney College UHI; primarily dealing with surveys, CAD, GIS, undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and maritime/marine archaeology. Experienced in producing marine DBAs, EIAs and ES Mark has worked on several underwater archaeological surveys in and around Orkney and Historic Seascapes Characterisations in England. Mark was an ordinary memory of the IfA Maritime Affairs Group Committee for nine years, responsible for producing the biannual MAG Bulletin. Mark is a naval historian/maritime historian/maritime archaeologist. His research interests are Chinese and Southeast Asian junks and Sampans, Roman harbours, Bronze Age to Iron Age Boats of the United Kingdom, warships of the American Civil War and the Imperial Japanese Navy, World War I and World War II naval and maritime history.
First Name: Hannah
Surname: Haydock
I am currently a PhD student at Bournemouth University in the Faculty of Science and Technology, where I have also been a demonstrator in Human Osteology and Anthropology for the last three years. My background is in bioarchaeology, which I studied at the University of Bradford between 2006-2011, and I returned to Bradford for an MSc in Human Osteology and Palaeopathology. My particular interests lie in examining changes to human diet in the more recent past – particularly the Post-Medieval period in Europe – and my PhD research examines changes to infant feeding in England during this period.
First Name: Matt
Surname: Cass
First Name: Ken
Surname: Yalden
Ken Yalden an Artisan Knot Tyer, was a fourth generation sailor who served in the Royal Navy for 25 years. He has been interested in knot craft from the age of 6. Later he was consulted in setting up the Rope Shop, Emsworth where he was commissioned to create items of ‘Tradition Sailors Crafts’ to become part of the shops stock. Ken joined the International Guild of Knot Tyers in its foundation year of 1982, and was the chairman of the Executive Council for 10 years. He was then elected as president in 2005-8, and currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Trustees. As well as featuring in various knot books, Ken has been employed as the resident knot tyer on several P&O cruises, for the past 8 years. Ken also has lead a team of knot tyers, teaching and demonstrating the craft to the public on the lower gun deck in HMS Victory.