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First Name: Ian
Surname: Cundy
Ian worked as a mechanical engineer in the oil and mineral processing industry in the UK, Canada, Jordan, East Germany & Zambia and for 30 years ran his own boat building company, specialising in boats for disabled people. Ian has been diving since 1994, and in 1997 co-founded the Malvern Archaeological Diving Unit. Under the MADU banner Ian has held licences from both EH and Cadw to work on various sites designated under the Protection of Wrecks Act. Ian has also worked abroad on archaeological projects in Israel, America and Croatia. Ian’s involvement with NAS began in 1996; he is currently a Senior Tutor and their regional co-ordinator for Wales. In 2004 Ian was awarded the SAA “George Arnold Trophy” for contributions to maritime archaeology, and in 2011 was awarded a NAS Part IV Diploma. Ian has a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and a M.A. in Maritime Archaeology.
First Name: Rachel
Surname: Quick
A graduate in Archaeology and Anthropology from Bristol University, Rachel also has a Masters degree in Maritime Archaeology from the University of Southampton, with years of archaeological experience under her belt already working both terrestrially and in the marine environment she has a passion for anything that does and did float. A keen PADI Divemaster and also a CBA Young Archaeologist Club Assistant Leader, Rachel hopes to open the training program to younger participants and broaden the ages of those involved with the NAS.
First Name: Mark
Surname: Beattie-Edwards
Mark started working for the NAS in 2001 as a Training and Administration Officer and has subsequently moved from Training Officer to Project Officer, Project Manager and since April 2009 has been the NAS Programme Director. Mark is responsible for the day to day operation of the NAS office in Portsmouth including overall supervision of all training and project opportunities. Mark studied Archaeology at Southampton University between 1993-1996 and returned to Southampton in 1999-2000 to undertake the MA in Maritime Archaeology. He has worked in the Guernsey, Sweden, the Caribbean and throughout the UK. Although already a BSAC Advanced Diver and Instructor, Mark undertook his commercial scuba and surface supplied diver training at Fort Bovisand, Plymouth in 1999. Current projects include working on two of the UK’s designated wreck sites - the Holland 5 submarine, the Norman’s Bay Wreck. Mark has also project managed a 5 year study of the collection of vessels in Forton Lake, Gosport, UK which in 2011 was published as an NAS Monograph.
First Name: Mary
Surname: Barber
Mary joined the NAS in 2007 as an Assistant Training and Publications Officer, through the IFA Workplace Learning Bursary Scheme, working on delivering NAS training courses and updating the NAS training materials to co-incide with the release of the NAS Handbook. Mary became a full time member of the NAS Staff in September 2008 as Training and Publications Officer and subsequently focused on training, becoming Training Manager in 2010. Mary achieved a BA in Archaeology from Bristol University in 2005 and went on to complete a MA in Maritime Archaeology and History also at Bristol. Mary has worked on projects both in the UK and overseas including Isreal, the Isles of Scilly and Scotland. She managed the Sound of Mull Archaeology Fieldschool on the site of the John Preston between 2009 and 2011 undertaking survey and excavation work. In 2011 she also ran a fieldschool associated with the IKUWA 4 Conference in Croatia.
First Name: David
Surname: Johnston
Dave Johnston is a senior tutor for NAS, running NAS intro and Part 1 courses. He is an avocational underwater archaeologist and sports diver who has learned his archaeology through the NAS training scheme (currently Part 3, working towards Part 4) and by using that training to get involved in various projects. He is a member of the Warship Hazardous Prize Designated Wreck Project Team and also volunteers with the Hampshire and Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology. He has also run NAS projects at Stourhead Gardens. He is a Trustee of the NAS and sits on various of its committees. A PADI DM and BSAC OWSI, he is boat officer and webmaster for the NAS's dive club ( and is on the committee and is webmaster for the newly founded Association of Protected Wreck Licensees ( In order to pay for the archaeology he occasionally he finds time for his day job, running microscopes for the Medical Faculty at Southampton University.
First Name: Pete
Surname: Holt
Peter is based in Plymouth where he currently runs maritime archaeology projects for the US charity foundation ProMare. He spent 20 years in the oil industry with Sonardyne designing underwater positioning systems for ROVs and divers. Peter has worked on maritime archaeology projects since 1989 in many countries and in water depths down to 1200m. In 1998 Peter started 3H Consulting Ltd., a maritime archaeology consultancy company whose most notable product so far has been the Site Recorder software. He has written a number of papers on surveying, geophysics and data management. Peter is now managing The SHIPS Project for ProMare with the aim of recording and investigating the maritime history of Plymouth.