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Dig, Dive and Discover

With a generous grant of nearly £25,000 from the Heritage Lottery ‘Young Roots’ scheme, this project brought together five organisations not ordinarily regarded as ‘partners’, to create an exciting and innovative project.

The project focused on four of the partners providing a broad range of maritime archaeology-related activities to a group of fourteen Sea Cadets, aged 12-20 years, based at Hartlepool on the North-East coast of England.

For the Record

With the award of a generous grant from the English Heritage Regional Capacity Building Scheme, ‘For the Record’ was a pilot project that aimed to assess the range, type and quantity of material recovered by a number of North-East dive clubs.

By recording these ‘small finds’, it was hoped to build up a series of typologies, for example on the ubiquitous porthole, that could provide maritime archaeologists and divers alike with the key information necessary to positively identify some of the enormous number of ‘modern’ wrecks off the UK.

Hartlepool History Then and Now

The port town of Hartlepool has a long and rich maritime history stretching back to at least Medieval times. The town’s modern history however, really began with the Industrial Revolution, when the huge demand for coal gave rise to the rapid development of the town’s shipbuilding industry and the coast-wise export trade in these valuable “black diamonds”.