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NAS Policy


As both a national charity and a limited company – NAS has policies it must enforce under the auspices of the Charity Commission and the Companies Act. The policies safeguard the work of the society, its employees and its members. You can read the society’s policies in full below.

  • The NAS Articles of Association (2009) were first created in when the charity was registered in 1972 and they make up the society’s constitution.
  • The NAS Statement of Principles outlines which principles the society adheres too in the specialised field of nautical archaeology.
  • The NAS Health and Safety Policy underpins keeping employees healthy and safe at work with special reference to the Diving at Work Regulations 1997.
  • The NAS Privacy Policy is a commitment to the Society’s treatment of your information under the EU General Data Protection Regulations, effective from 25th May 2018.
  • The NAS Policy for Child Protection and Protection of the Welfare of Vulnerable Adults describes the Society’s Policy for protecting the welfare of children and other vulnerable persons who participate or come into contact with the Society’s activities.
  • The NAS Education Policy lies at the heart of NAS objectives and seeks to promote accessibility and inclusivity to the knowledge, skills and practices of nautical archaeology and to the variety of mechanisms for enhanced learning.
  • The Society’s Volunteer Policy sets out the Society’s promise to treat volunteers with respect and to recognise their effort and contributions to the Society in a consistent and fair way.


The NAS is governed by a “Statement of Principles” which was adopted by the Society in 2007.

The Statement of Principles recognises the non-renewable nature of cultural heritage wherever situated, supports all activities that further the recording, preservation and responsible management of the cultural heritage and respects the letter and spirit of national and international legislation.

NAS stipulates that it will not associate itself with, nor derive a profit or advantage from, the sale of cultural heritage material for private benefit.

To this end, NAS will speak out against actions that contravene its Statement of Principles – recent statements can be read below.

Recent Statements:

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