Photo Competition Winners

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Want to know who has won previous NAS Calendar Competitions? Well this page is dedicated to all of the winners from previous years.

Check out the range of images and their titles from each year below.

 2013 Winners:

 January 2013January - ‘British Cargo Ship Carnatic’ by Steve Clarkson

February 2013 February - ‘2000 years of British numismatic royalty’ by Brian Minehane

 March 2013March - ‘Fans of muddy waters’ by José Mannuel Matés Luque

 April 2013April - ‘Diver and the field of broken amphorae’ by Mladen Pesić

 May 2013May - ‘Reflections on digitalisation’ by Brian Minehane

 June 2013June - ‘Can you see anything in the photo’ by Matt Cass

 July 2013July - ‘The head carving of the Swash Channel Wreck rudder’ by Bournemouth University

 August 2013August - ‘Scarred by fire and time’ by Christine Williams

 September 2013September - ‘Faded handwriting revealed – Invincible (1758) tally’ by Brent Piniuta

 October 2013October - ‘All Aboard!’ by Ian Cundy

November 2013 November - ‘Pottery in stone: Borobudur’ by Roderick Stead

 December 2013December - ‘Some day my planks will come’ by Edward Cordell

The overall winner for 2013 was Edward Cordell, well done Edward!

Think you could do better? Enter this year’s competition and see if you can make it to the next NAS calendar.