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The NAS Photographic Calendar Competition is an annual Competition which started in 2012. The NAS opened the competition to its members so that a charity calendar could be created and sold each year with profits going to the society to help run education and outreach events around the world.

The 12 winning images from the competition make up the 12 images in the calendar. Each year there is an overall competition winner and they are awarded a special prize. In 2012 the overall winner received a voucher for Ocean Leisure Cameras; in 2013 our overall winner received a SeaLife Compact Camera courtesy of The Divezone. For the overall prize(s) for this year’s competition please see the details below.

All 12 winning images receive a certificate and a copy of the NAS calendar that their image appears in. These certificates and calendar prizes are then awarded at the NAS Annual Conference of that year.

The new competition is now open for full details, rules and regulations and how to enter read on below.


NAS 2014 Competition
Image of the 2014 Calendar
Thank you to all who entered our 2014 Competition. The 2015 NAS Calendar will be on sale soon!

For past Calendar winners why not visit our page dedicated to them.

2014 Deadline: The 2014 Competition is now closed - good luck to all who entered!

What kind of photograph can I enter?
Your photograph must fit into one of the following themes, remember this is a Nautical Archaeology Calendar so we are looking for more than just holiday snaps. For example we would expect an artefact photo to contain a scale, or a photo of a site to show people at work, surveying recording or excavating.   

  • Underwater
  • Foreshore
  • Terrestrial
  • Group
  • Artefacts and Finds
  • NAS Training

Photographs must not have been previously published. This excludes Flickr, Facebook and Twitter.

Photographs may be submitted in colour or in black&white and must be submitted with a short caption no longer than 4-6 words long. Please note that due to the design layout of the calendar we request that all photographs entered should be in landscape.

Who Can enter?
The competition is open to all NAS Members. For more information on NAS membership please click here.

There are three classes of entry for the competition; Beginner, Intermediate and Advance described as below.

  • Beginner: has never entered photographs into a competition before and has never received publication or payment.
  • Intermediate: may or may not have entered images in competitions before but has not previously received publication or payment.
  • Advanced: May have received payment for photographic images, may have had images published or is employed as a photographer.

Each person can enter a maximum of four images. All entrants must complete an application form and follow the rules of the competition.

Entrants must declare their class and the theme in which they are entering each photo along with a description and a short caption.

Full rules for the competition can be found by clicking here.

Submitting a photo
To enter the competition please download an application form and submit this along with you work no later than 5pm on Monday 8th September 2014. Winners will be notified and the images will appear in the 2015 NAS Calendar. Please read the rules of the competition for more details about the use of the photograps submitted by the NAS.

The Winners
12 winners will be chosen from all classes of entrant so please do not be put off if you are new to photography! These 12 winners will be awarded a certificate and a copy of the NAS Calendar at an awards ceremony at the NAS Annual Conference in 2014.

From these 12 winners a lucky 1st, 2nd and 3rd will be picked and their prizes will be:

1st Prize - Kowalski Mini X LED (RRP £130) *

2nd Prize - Kowalski Pico (RRP £75) *

3rd Prize - NAS £40 Voucher (to be used on merchandise, training or membership)

The first and second prizes are very kindly provided by The Divezone.divezone logo
*Or equvilant will be provided.

How to Enter
Simply download an entry form, fill it in and return it to the NAS office with your images.

Entry Form

Rules and Regulations