Part 4

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NAS Part 4: Diploma in foreshore and underwater archaeology

The final element and the highest grade of the NAS Programme is the Part 4 Diploma. The primary objective is to provide a certification level for a field-worker capable of supervising a work programme on an archaeological site or running their own project. This level of the Training Programme does not involve further formal teaching, however advice and guidance will be provided by the NAS Office at any stage. To complete the Part 4 Diploma, participants must fulfil the following requirements:

  •     to have completed the NAS Introduction Course and Part 1, 2 and 3 Certificates in Foreshore and Underwater Archaeology.
  •     to have worked on at least three different archaeological sites for a minimum of twelve weeks (60 days) in total since completing the Introdction Course (as evidence by a portfolio of work and project documentation).
  •     to have completed a project report to publication standard.

Frequently Asked Questions
Part IV
Do I have to complete the earlier levels of the Training Programme before collecting evidence for my Part 4?

No. You can begin collecting evidence as soon as you have completed the NAS Introduction Course, but as with the other levels of the Training Programme the Certificates must be awarded in order so the final level cannot be signed off until the previous certificate has been awarded.

How do I show my involvement in at least 3 different projects?

There is a section in your Training Record Card to ask a project director to sign to show you have been involved with a project. However we would also recommend keeping a fieldwork diary to show your involvement in the different projects and the skills you have learnt

Does the time have to be split evenly between the projects?

No. Time does not have to be split evenly for the 60 day requirement. You may be involved in as many projects as necessary to meet the 60 days of field work required.

Do I have to write a report on each project I am involved with?

No. Only one report needs to be submitted for the diploma, however as above it is recommended to keep a record of each project and the work you are responsibile for as evidence towards your Part 4 Diploma.

What is meant by 'publication standard'?

This is the standard that would meet the initial submission requirements for a journal such as the International Journal of Nautical Archaeology (IJNA). The report does not have to go through the full editing process that would be required for the journal and does not have to go through the peer review process. However if you have met the initial requirements we would recommend continuing to see your work published. We would expect to see something which is a fairly substantial piece of research, it should be a project report and it would usually be based on one of the fieldwork projects which you have used to count towards the 12 week requirements

Can I submit a draft report?

Yes. We are happy to look at a draft report for you and to provide advice and guidance at any stage of the process.

Can I use a report that I have written for another purpose?

Yes. You can submit a report that you have written, for example a MA dissertation. If you wish to submit a report that you have written for an employer you should check with them first.

If you would like any further advice or guidance on completing your Part 4 Diploma, please contact the NAS Office.