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NAS ELearning Programme
Why not learn about nautical archaeology from the comfort of your own chair? Learn how to register now

The NAS ELearning programme currently offers the NAS Introduction and Part I Theory courses. Here you can learn the theory aspects from these two courses from the comfort of your own home and then have fun learning the practical elements on a fieldschool weekend or week of your choice.

For general information on what is covered in the NAS Introduction and Part I Courses please take a look at their individual pages.

The topics covered, skills taught and knowledge gained through the NAS ELearning Programme are exactly the same as those from a face-to-face course taught at one of our UK venues.ELearning

A certificate will be awarded upon completion of the theory element of each course and the final certificate of completion will be awarded at the end of the fieldwork.

Who can get involved?
The NAS Introduction to Foreshore and Underwater Archaeology Theory Course is open to anyone who is interested; no prior learning or qualifications are required and there is no age restriction on the course. However, we ask that those who are under 16 are accompanied by a parent or guardian while undertaking their fieldwork.

The Part I Certificate in Foreshore and Underwater Archaeology Theory Course is open to anyone who has previously completed the NAS Introduction Course, whether on a face-to-face course or through ELearning. There are no other pre-requisites for the course. There is also no age restriction on the course; however we ask that those who are under 16 are accompanied by a parent or guardian whilst undertaking their fieldwork.

Fieldschool Weekends and Weeks
NAS fieldschool weekends and weeks have been set up across the UK so that participants can pick a fieldschool close to them to undertake the practical element for their course.

These fieldschools are on either foreshore and underwater sites so that participants can choose which they would prefer to work on. Those who wish to partake in the underwater practical’s will need to meet the dive requirements for that specific fieldschool.

To complete the course all participants must successfully complete both the online theory and the fieldschool for that course in order to gain their certificate.

For more information on this year's upcoming Fieldschools please click here.

A Foreshore Fieldschool in LondonDont believe how good it is?
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Participant Quotes
"This was a great introduction to the subject, and the course was easily as good if not better than some open university couses I have taken."

“I would recommend NAS ELearning, it is a wonderful opportunity to begin a lifetime interest in nautical archaeology.”

“I couldn’t recommend the NAS courses enough, if you’ve been wondering whether to get involved, do it, you won’t regret it.”

Want to get involved?
Check out our 'Help and Support' page before you get started. Please note that the ELearning lessons require a Flash player, and so may not be compatible with your tablet, Ipad/Iphone or smart phone.

Access the NAS ELearning Site or click here to find out more about how to register for courses.