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Newsletter members receive "Nautical Archaeology" published by the NAS four times a year. It aims to keep members updated on activities of the Society and events or information concerning maritime archaeology around the world.

NAS members receive the Newsletter each year, as a Adobe pdf document (requires Adobe Reader) downloadable from the members area of the website. Back issues of "Nautical Archaeology" from 2003 are also available to download in the members area of the website.Newsletter

To view some sample editions of the Newsletter please use the links below:

Nautical Archaeology - Summer 2012

Nautical Archaeology - Summer 2011

Nautical Archaeology - Summer 2010

Nautical Archaeology - Summer 2009

Nautical Archaeology - Summer 2008

All members and friends of the NAS are encouraged to submit articles for the Newsletter. Whether it is a project report, a question you are trying to get answered or views on policy or new developments within maritime archaeology, the editor would like to know. The Newsletter also advertises project opportunities, upcoming conferences and training courses, both in the UK and around the world.

For more information on writing for the Newsletter please see the notes below.

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The Editor
"Nautical Archaeology" is edited by Panagiota Markoulaki, if you would like any further information on writing an article or if you would like to discuss any ideas please contact her directly at