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The NAS Monograph Series is the vehicle for the publication of rather more substantial pieces of work than a paper for IJNA or another academic journal. The series is a joint imprint with Archaeopress, publishers of the BAR series.

A monograph is devoted to the publication of a specific piece of research in the field of nautical archaeology and presents final excavation results, rather than interim findings.

The series provides the opportunity for the publication of NAS Part II/ IV reports and appropriate Master's and Doctoral theses and dissertations, together with other material submitted by members of the NAS. It also offers the opportunity for the publication of appropriate reports by licensees.
NAS Monographs

The Oru and the Yatra
The Oru and the Yatra monograph published in 1992 and written by Vini Vitharana, was the first extended study of the traditional Sinhalese outrigger logboat and is available online. Simply click here.

With the devastation of Sri Lanka’s shoreline in the 2004 tsunami, the country’s traditional watercraft were decimated. Although these vessels still fulfil the same function as they have in the past, traditional building methods are fast being abandoned.

The Forton Lake Archaeology Project NAS Monograph 3
The Forton Lake Archaeology Project carried out between 2006 and 2009 by the Nautical Archaeology Society and the Hampshire and Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology (HWTMA), investigated the remains of the hulks vessels and the associated history of the Forton Lake area in Gosport, Hampshire, UK.

This monograph is written by Mark Beattie-Edwards and Julie Satchel, with contributions by Jane Maddocks, Alison James, Mary Harvey, Julian Whitewright, Daniel Pascoe and Paul Donohue.

Records of Traditional Watercraft from South and West Sri Lanka
The second of the NAS monograph series is a record by Gerhard Kapitän in pictures and scale drawings of the fast disappearing traditional watercraft of Sri Lanka.

The Sound of Mull Project
The first monograph in the series, Philip Robertson's The Sound of Mull Archaeological Project (SOMAP), 1994-2005, with contributions from Jane Maddocks and Steve Webster,
is an account of the work carried out over a decade by volunteer divers under the auspices of the NAS recording the investigation of a number of wrecks lying in this historically important waterway off the west coast of Scotland. It comes with an interactive CD-ROM.

Copies of NAS monographs may be ordered from the NAS shop.

Authors seeking to publish in the monograph series are invited to contact the series editor:

Dr Julian Whitewright, C/O NAS, Fort Cumberland, Eastney, Portsmouth, PO4 9LD.   Email: