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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

As of January 1, 2015 the Maryland Maritime Archaeology Program in the USA will be an official Nautical Archaeology Society International Training Partner and will integrate the NAS training program into its portfolio of outreach and education activities in order to better serve Maryland’s citizens.   

The NAS training program will assist the Program in raising awareness of Maryland’s rich maritime heritage and its vast array of submerged archaeological resources by providing a strong foundation and framework for the development of educational programming for students with a general interest in maritime and underwater archaeology and will assist in providing training to those who desire to volunteer on archaeological projects sponsored by the Program and other government or non-profit organizations both locally and internationally.

The Maryland Historical Trust is Maryland’s State Historic Preservation Office.  It is the state agency dedicated to preserving and interpreting the legacy of Maryland’s past. In 1988, the Maryland Maritime Archaeology Program was created within the Maryland Historical Trust, which searches for, inventories, and manages the state’s submerged historic properties.  The Program’s responsibilities include maintaining the state inventory of submerged historic properties, administering and overseeing archaeological research permits, reviewing projects in compliance with state and federal historic preservation laws, and developing public outreach and education activities focused on maritime and underwater archaeology.

In addition to teaching NAS Introduction and Part I courses in underwater and foreshore archaeology the Program will guide students through the entire NAS curriculum, and plans to develop further courses which focus on topics relevant to the maritime history and archaeology of Maryland.

The Maryland Maritime Archaeology Program plans to begin offering NAS training activities during spring 2015. 

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Maryland Maritime Archaeology Program, Maryland Historical Trust, USA


NAS Senior Tutor: Troy Nowak, Asst. State Underwater Archaeologist.  



High resolution images available on request.

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