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Important notice:

  • Due to overwhelming requests, we are extending the deadline to Wednesday 31st May. However, the OJS Submission System will close on Friday 2nd of June, therefore, no more extensions will be given. This is strictly the absolute final deadline, as all remaining articles must begin the review process in order to meet the targetted publication deadline in 2017. Your cooperation is therefore appreciated, in order not to cause delay for all authors involved.
  • The sequence of author names in your article/s, if there are multiple authors, must be identical to the IKUWA6 conference program.

General information:

  • All IKUWA6 presenters (for papers & posters) are invited to submit their articles or short reports for publication in the proceedings. The proceedings will be peer-reviewed.
  • Articles should be around 5000 words for the main text. Whislt there is some flexibility, try not to significantly exceed this word limit. Contact the Editors if you have concerns.
  • Notes for Authors were emailed on 15 March 2017; please read these carefully to expedite the process for review. If you did not receive it, click here.
  • It is the responsibility of authors to ensure that they have obtained permission to use any material (e.g. images) for which they do not own copyright—please obtain necessary permissions for both PRINT and OPEN ACCESS publication. Please respect the intellectual property rights of others, and ensure that you cite or reference your sources appropriately.
  • Include page numbers for all in-text citations, where available.
  • For queries, contact: ikuwa6proceedings@nauticalarchaeologysociety.org


  • English only

Recommended general format (may not apply to all types of articles):

  • Main title (in sentence case)
  • Author name/s, full professional/contact address & email (under main article title)
  • Abstract (approximately 200 words)
  • Key words (up to 5)
  • Introduction
  • Historical background
  • Main content
  • Methodology / Analysis
  • Results / Interpretation
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Acknowledgements (optional)
  • Appendices (optional)

To submit your article for blind, peer review for publication in the IKUWA6 Proceedings, go to:

http://archaeopresspublishing.com/ojs/index.php/ikuwa6 (If you are a new user to the OJS system, download and follow the Submissions Registration and Insructions here)