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NAS Fieldschools

Throughout the year the Nautical Archaeology Society runs taught training fieldschools for people working through the training programme who want to hone their on-site recording techniques.

For ELearners these fieldschools offer the chance to complete the practical element of their NAS Introduction and Part I Course whilst contributing to research and adding valuable information to the archaeological record. Some fieldschools will be run on the same sites each year, allow those attending to contribute to the completion of site plans, through surveys, drawings and photographs, whilst others will visit new sites, recording previously undocumented features or working towards site identification.

Not an ELearner? Don't worry, the NAS Fieldschools, not only offer opportunities for ELearners to complete their certifications, they also provide a chance to practice and hone your 2D and 3D survey skills under the guidance of an NAS Tutor. Why not use the opportunity to collect data for your Part 2 survey report, use the days to count towards the fieldwork element of the Part 4 Diploma or just join us for a fun (though sometimes wet and muddy) weekend!

What to expect. Most fieldschools will be run over a weekend, with the Saturday focusing on the 2D survey methods covered in the Introduction Course and the Sunday covering 3D survey techniques learnt during the Part I Course.

So why not make a weekend of it? ELearners are welcome to complete the theory for both the Introduction and Part I Courses prior to attending a fieldschool and those attending as a refresher may choose to join us for one or both of the days. NAS Fieldschools are taught by experienced NAS Tutors. In some cases NAS Tutors will be working with the help of our training partners and supporters such as Promare in the SW; the Thames Discovery Programme in London; the Malvern Archaeological Diving Unit in Wales, and the SCAPE Trust in Scotland. All our diving operations are managed by competent registered NAS Diving Supervisors who will have experience of managing diving operations on archaeological sites.

Fieldschool Venues

Click on the pins on the map below to find out more about some of the venues where we are able to run Fieldschools, red pins indicate an intertidal/foreshore fieldschool and blue pins indicate an underwater fieldschool. (Please note that the map may not display in Internet Explorer 8 or earlier.

If you are interested in attending a fieldschool at any of these venues or would like to see additional venues added, please contact the NAS Office.

2015 Fieldschools

In 2015, fieldschools will be organised to meet your needs. For Elearners, once you have completed your theory course you will be asked a few simple questions about the type of fieldschool you would like to attend. Remember you can complete both your Introduction and Part I course theory before attending a fieldschool so you can make a day or weekend of completing the fieldwork part of the certificate.

Not an ELearner but interested in attending fieldschools to build your experience, or complete your Part II Certificate? Complete this form and return it to us at the NAS Office to ensure you are first to hear about new dates when fieldschools are arranged.

Keep an eye on the NAS calendar, ELearning forums, facebook and Twitter and the NAS weekly update for additional information on upcoming fieldschools.

To book a place on a fieldschool, please contact the NAS Office or complete and return the Course Booking Form with the details of the fieldschool you wish to attend.  Further fieldschools and alternative venues can be arranged throughout the year, please contact the NAS Office for more information. Remember ELearners can use the course forums to message others about the courses and the fieldschools.

Booking Policy:

The NAS is unable to offer refunds for cancellations made less than 6 weeks prior to the fieldschool date (this applies to Fieldschools run in the UK only). The NAS reserves the right to cancel or postpone fieldschools if necessary. In this instance payments will either be carried forward to future fieldschool dates or refunded in full.