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Adrian OlivierAdrian Olivier - chair
Adrian recently retired from the post of Heritage Protection Director after 19 years at English Heritage, where he has also been the Head of Profession for Archaeology. He works closely with the Council of Europe and other European institutions. With a strong interest in wetlands archaeology and maritime archaeology, he continues to provide strategic and professional advice about heritage management issues to organisations and agencies across Europe.

Mike WilliamsMike Williams - secretary
Mike is honorary secretary of the NAS and is a senior lecturer in law at the University of Wolverhampton. He is retained as an advisor to the Crown Estate on foreshore and seabed matters.


Scott CohenScott Cohen - treasurer
Scott serves with the NATO Support Agency in Luxembourg and travels extensively for work and to attend NAS courses. Prior to his current position with NATO, Scott served as the Financial Controller for the NATO Training Mission in Iraq from November 2006 through the end of 2009.  He is a retired Navy Lieutenant Commander and has served aboard several ships including the submarine, USS OKLAHOMA CITY and the aircraft carriers, USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT and USS ENTERPRISE.  (Yes, he was Scotty on the ENTERPRISE.)  Scott has been a member of the NAS since 2011 and is enjoying the programme and the camaraderie.

David CarterDavid Carter - trustee
David has been a member of NAS since 1988. He was the surveyor and team member with Weymouth Underwater Archaeology Group/Chelmsford Underwater Archaeology Unit before co-founding Weymouth LUNAR (Land & Underwater Nautical Archaeological Research) Society.

Annalisa ChristieAnnalisa Christie - trustee
Annalisa joined NAS in 2004 and has undertaken several of the NAS training courses offered. She is an archaeology graduate from UCL specialising in African and maritime archaeology and is currently in her final year as a PhD research student at University of York.

Jon HendersonJon Henderson - trustee
Jon is an Associate Professor in underwater archaeology based at the University of Nottingham. His work on the investigation and excavation of lake dwellings in Scotland, funded by Historic Scotland, led to the formation of the Underwater Archaeology Research Centre at the University in 2004.

JD HillJD Hill - trustee
JD is head of research for the British Museum. He jointly organised work on the Pudding Pan Roman site off Herne Bay, Kent and regularly teaches on the University of Southampton's MA course in Maritime Archaeology.

Dave JohnstonDavid Johnston - trustee
Dave is a sports diver and an avocational maritime archaeologist. He joined the NAS in the late 1990s to participate in WreckMap projects. He is now a NAS senior tutor and member of the NAS Management Committee. Outside of NAS he is logistics officer for the Warship Hazardous Project.

Courtney NimuraCourtney Nimura - trustee
Courtney Nimura received her PhD from the University of Reading, where she studied prehistoric maritime rock art in Scandinavia. She is currently a Senior Community Archaeologist specialising in foreshore archaeology at Museum of London Archaeology.

Ian OxleyIan Oxley - trustee
Ian has held many titles with the NAS including training programme manager and founder/developer of the NAS training programme. Ian set up the Maritime Archaeology Team at English Heritage in 2002 for which he is now the Historic Environment Intelligence Analyst (Marine).

Dan PascoeDan Pascoe - trustee
Dan is a maritime archaeologist and diver and graduated from Southampton with a BA in archaeology and an MA in maritime archaeology. He has worked for a number of organisations including the Mary Rose Trust, HWTMA, and currently Wessex Archaeology.

Sophia Scott

Sophia Scott - trustee
Sophia has a MA in Maritime Archaeology from Southampton University, and was the UK Receiver of Wreck for 7 years. In her own time she has been involved in several maritime archaeological projects including Bouldnor Cliff prehistoric submerged landscape, and the Warship Hazardous.


Eliott WraggEliott Wragg  - trustee
Eliott is currently the field officer for the Thames Discovery Programme. He worked for the Birmingham University Field Archaeology Unit before becoming a senior archaeologist and then going on to work as a freelance site supervisor and project manager on sites in the south-east of England.

David BlackmanDavid Blackman – chair of the NAS publications sub-committee
David was a founding member of the Council for Nautical Archaeology, the predecessor of the NAS, in 1964, and its Chairman from 1975/6. He organised the first international conference in Britain on marine archaeology in 1971 and then spent 20 years at the European Parliament, before going to Athens to direct the British School of Archaeology.