Canadian schooner found

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Friday, September 27, 2013

The remains of the 19th century Canadian schooner, Great Wave, have been found in the depths of North America’s Lake Ontario.

Great Wave was lost during a violent squall in 1890 whilst carrying cargo bound for Oswego from Trenton in Ontario. There were no survivors.

Eyewitness accounts at the time said that the ship floated bottom up around the lake for a week being battered by high winds, before it finally sank.

This summer, the team that originally discovered the wreck in 2012 returned to the site in an effort to formally identify the ship.

Experts used an ROV to obtain video recordings and sonar measurements of the wreck. The deck, much of the stern and cabin were found to be missing, which experts say is characteristic of the damage caused to a ship that capsized and remained upturned during a violent storm.

Ocean Wave was a two-masted schooner built in Ontario in 1868. It had a length of 81 feet, a beam of 21 feet and a capacity of nearly 100 tonnes.

The measurements made by the researchers confirm that the wreck is the correct length and width for the Ocean Wave. It’s also the only known schooner to have capsized and then sunk in this particular area of Lake Ontario.