Bulgarian lake village

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Photo:  Ticha Lake – what else lies beneath?

The dry spell over the summer has seen the emergence of a 7000 defensive wall from the Ticha lake in Shoumen, Bulgaria, with the dropping water levels.

Experts say that the wall is more than five metres tall and made of rocks held together with a clay mortar and encloses a prehistoric village.

Stefan Chohadjiev from Veliko Turnovo University told Bulgarian national television that the wall has an arrowslit and appears to be better built than other fortifications across dating to the same time period.

The fortification is at its strongest at its southern end with three parallel lines of defence built to repel attackers.

It appears that the fortification was under constant attack which would explain why it doesn’t have a more traditional moat.

Inside the wall, the remains of the prehistoric  village is thought to have been inhabited for several centuries. Experts think that it’s the stronghold of local warlords who ruled the surrounding vale.

Artefacts found at the site include marble and jade jewellery and military equipment.