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October 2017: The project website is down.

We are sorry to announce that the Big Anchor Project website has been the subject of a malicious hack and is currently down. We hope to be able to get it back up an running soon. Please accept our apologies.


The Big Idea !!

The Big Anchor Project aims to develop a global tool for the identification of anchors. The initiative is managed by the Nautical Archaeology Society with the help of various project partners and supporters.

Although anchors are considered iconic symbols of the maritime world, little work has been undertaken to date in terms of collecting and organising the wealth of information that exists in the form of anchors found on wreck-sites, in museums and on public and private property globally – something that the NAS is actively seeking to address with this project.

The project is building a freely accessible, on-line database of anchors which can serve as a valuable tool for anybody undertaking research or with a general interest in the subject.

Looking ahead, the Big Anchor Project is interested in developing materials for use within the UK schools national curriculum, especially at Key Stages 1 (5-7 years) and Key Stage 2 (7-11years).

For a leaflet on the project click here.

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