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Understanding our underwater heritage

The Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS) wants to allow everyone to benefit from the unique and fascinating resource that is the world’s maritime heritage. It was fundamentally established 'to further research in nautical archaeology and publish the results'.

NAS is a UK based charity (Registered in England No. 1039270 English Registered Charity No: 262209 and Scotland No: SC040130) and a limited company (registered in England No: 1039270), but it also has strong links to other organisations around the world which work together collectively to promote the cause on a global scale.

NAS is dedicated to advancing education on nautical archaeology to everyone –its members, the general public and across the global archaeological sector. To this end it publishes a quarterly member’s newsletter Nautical Archaeology.

The charity also aims to preserve an accurate record of the past – to achieve this it aims to improve archaeological techniques and encourage publication and research. It publishes a peer reviewed academic journal twice a year called the International Journal of Nautical Archaeology.

In 2018 the NAS received an Heritage Lottery Fund "Resilient Heritage" grant to transform our marketing, communications and fundraising abilities. The full press release can be read here.